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Looking to discover your hottest eCommerce solutions? By figuring out which of your products would be the most profitable or popular, you will have the ability to produce better-informed decisions to maximize your earnings and increase your earnings. Within this report, we’ll show you the best way you can find your hottest eCommerce products in Google Analytics (step-by-step). How to Track Popular Products from Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is the most effective web analytics tool accessible. If you are running an internet shop, you can view your most well-known products and also other conversion stats by setting up Google Analytics eCommerce monitoring. MonsterInsights is your finest WordPress Analytics plugin. Get it at no cost! However, you are going to have to bring a tracking code on your site in order to get it to function properly on your website. Now, the process of manually adding the code is not an easy job because it isn’t just one line of code you can easily glue somewhere. You’ll want to add a number of diverse commands to include trades, items, sending information, clearing info, etc.. In addition, you’ll also have to customize the code into auto-detect the purchase cost of these items in the cart, product names, and even more. It’s hard to comprehend and apply an eCommerce tracking setup for non-coders. Most importantly, you will want to engage the services of a programmer if you are not a programmer yourself. Or, you can View the Top Frequently Viewed Products use MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights is the most beginner-friendly Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It empowers everyone, of every skill level, to utilize advanced Google Analytics features effortlessly. You simply need to enable eCommerce monitoring and MonsterInsights handles the rest. To begin, make certain you’ve installed Google Analytics on your site with MonsterInsights Pro. Should you need detailed instructions, here is our step-by-step guide about how to set up Google Analytics in WordPress. When you’ve got a MonsterInsights account and connect Google Analytics with your website, follow these steps. Step 1: Install and Setup MonsterInsights eCommerce AddonTo monitor popular products on your online shop, you’ll need to set up the MonsterInsights eCommerce addon. Proceed to Insights” Addons from your WordPress dashboard menu and browse to the MonsterInsights eCommerce addon. Then, click on the Install button. The addon will automatically trigger and you need to see the status change to Active. Measure 2: Enable Improved eCommerce Tracking in Google AnalyticsAfter installing the eCommerce addon in MonsterInsights, the next thing you’ll need to do is empower enhanced eCommerce from Google Analytics. Log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to Admin about the right menu bar. Then, click it to view your admin preferences. Now you can click eCommerce Settings under the View column on the right. Then click the slider under the very first measure, Empower eCommerce, to flip it on. Also, turn on the Enhanced eCommerce Reporting. Then, click on the Save button