The Weather Channel Desk-top

This download is no longer offered. This might be due to this program being discontinued, acquiring a stability dilemma or for another rationale.

You can download the following alternatives:

Softonic Evaluation All your weather info directly on the desktop computer

Some folks demand a little more from their desktop. If you’re one of them, then then take a peek at the elements Channel Desktop.

Even the elements Channel Desktop is just a tool which will allow you to keep current using the weather conditions at two areas of one’s choice. It supports global areas, and temperatures are available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The port is somewhat cluttered, even when you deactivate advertising, and is not so customizable. You’ll find many integrated programs, such as for example allergy advice and intense weather warnings, but some are inaccessible beyond the united states. The weather advice itself is very thorough, with options like hour-by-hour, saturday and sunday and 10-day predictions.Absolutely amazing collection At our site There is also a range of animated maps showing cloud cover and precipitation.

The Weather Channel desk-top minimizes into the task bar, showing only the current temperature. You may then start it from doubleclicking, or right-clicking to browse the menus. Help for the Elements Channel Desktop can be obtained online.

Even the elements Channel desk-top will be certain to stay on top of your area, or perhaps not local, climate. It’s a lot of tools to perform with, particularly in case you want to know more about US destinations, and will retain meteorologically-orientated gadget enthusiasts entertained for a few hours.

The elements Channel Desktop combines practicality and fun at a fairly complete weather tool.

Pro S


  • Cluttered User Interface
  • Some tools Unavailable outside US
  • You’ll Need to compete with a Lot of Tool Bar hints during installment