Students who are in college will need to have

Deciding what to offer an undergraduate student isn’t quite as easy as it seems…

What can they use at school? What kinds of things are most beneficial to a college child?

And, of course, there’s food.

It’s something that’ll always be met with excitement. Even though that story wasn’t anything new but it can serve as a reminder that broke students aren’t difficult to please.

In this post you’ll discover ideas that aren’t expensive that can enhance the recipient’s life in the most positive of ways.

Here are 17 useful gifts for college students that’ll make them think, “how did you know I was in need of this? ?”

Helpful gifts for students in College

1. Outlet Extender with USB Ports

College students have a lot of gadgets that require charging. Yet , dorm rooms aren’t able equipped with enough power outlets power everything…

The solution: an extension plug. It’ll help them maximize the limited socket real estate that they share with roommates.

Be sure to select one with surge protection, so that nothing expensive is damaged!

2. Bombas Socks

Being a college student, one of the first things that you’ll realize you’ve ignored all your life are socks.

Not only are Bombas socks a fantastic present, but they’re also a wonderful gift idea that helps about it from Our Articles For every pair of socks you buy from them, Bombas donates a pair to those in need the most. Feel confident in purchasing these socks for your college student because you’ll know that you’re helping others too.

I am not wearing any other socks but Bombas socks now. I love giving them away as gifts! The quality is super nice They are available in large variety of colors and the fit is unbeatable. I’ve convinced a lot of customers and family members to these socks that they’re just so ridiculous.

Bombas are premium socks that college students love and appreciate for years. They’re such a small thing yet they make a big difference in the college student’s daily life!

3. Microwave-Ready Egg on a Bagel Maker

The majority of students in college dorms have only the one appliance they have access to on a regular basis – the humble microwave. The good news is that it can be an extremely versatile cooking device by using a little imagination.

The dish made of ceramic not only makes eggs into an instant omelet , but it’s also the perfect shape to make the perfect bagel sandwich.

If you’re looking for snack foods that are easy to grab and go, bagel sandwiches are the most popular. They’re a well-rounded meal because you can incorporate a quantity of everything from whole grains Protein, a variety of proteins, and greens.

There is no mess or stress, eating breakfast at home will end up being a thing past. Convenience is a major factor for students, and you can be certain that the egg on a bagel maker is always in use.

4. Personal Popcorn Popper

While we’re on the topic of microwave-related gadgets there’s another gadget that can be very useful:

Personal popcorn popper!

While instant bags are a fantastic invention, corn kernels that pop are a lot less costly. To show, let’s draw quick comparisons of cost:

  • Pop Secret Instant Popcorn: $6.59 (12 servings) = $0.55 per serving
  • Market Pantry Popping Corn Kernels: $3.49 / 43 servings = $0.08 per serving

It might not seem like much but when you’re at college and living on a tight budget, every little bit is helpful.

Plus, the younger generations are particularly mindful when it comes to environmentally-friendly options. Enjoying a satisfying snack while decreasing the amount of waste (i.e. instant popcorn bags) is a double benefit.

All in all in all, microwave popcorn poppers made of silicone make the best college gifts.

5. Electronic Accessories Organizer

According to a research conducted in 2013 The study found that college students own 7 average tech devices. It’s likely that number has risen by now!

An electronics bag to store it all will aid in sorting out the pile of cords in their backpack. Making a space for everything is super convenient. It makes finding the perfect charging or cable a breeze for college students that require one.

6. Things to do before Your College Graduation

From finding the perfect friend and achieving academically, to experiencing your newfound freedom it’s a lot that goes into making the college experience an enjoyable one. Some avenues for opportunity aren’t apparent until you think about them in the years to come.

Don’t get caught up in the myth that you can (or even need to) “do it all,” 175+ things to Do Before You Graduate College can help students determine what’s most important to them and the best way to achieve it.

This book is filled with ideas to encourage students from freshman to senior years to maximize their time in college. It’s true that you can’t get anything wrong with a bit of wisdom.

7. French Press Coffee Maker

It’s not a hidden fact that the college crowd consume quite a bit of coffee and more caffeine generally.

The Keurig is a popular product, but they’re definitely not the end-all only solution for coffee makers. The creator does not even use his own invention and has said the regret of creating it.

Making the perfect cup of Joe is just as easy with a French press. There are no filters required! The cost per cup is considerably less than purchasing K-cups!

Make this gift combination with some coffee beans (as as a PNW local, can I offer Dutch Bros private reserve) and get ready for a big smile from the person who is receiving the gift.

8. Cable Saving Spirals

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a charge cable cut while your phone is about to die.

These tiny silicone spirals extend the life of charging cables and prevent they bend at the incorrect angle. This is a must-have for young college students that can’t afford to be buying new charging cables each week!

9. Easy Access Keychains and Pepper Spray

It’s best to be ready for the worst case scenario, even if they never need it.

College girls will appreciate the gift of keychain-ready pepper spray. It’s a small but powerful option to offer her security as she tackles the challenges of being a young adult.

10. Convenient Lap Desk

While you’re able use laptops nearly everywhere, it’s not always comfortable.

That’s where a lap table is a great solution. It’s a comfortable solution that children are sure enjoy during the Christmas season.

11. Cordless Handheld Vacuum

A small , handheld vacuum is an ideal tool to use when you have a little spill or mess happens!

They’re beneficial for cleaning up the inside of a car and also for cleaning the inside of a car. You can be sure that your student isn’t using a normal-sized vacuum anyway.

12. The most adorable and practical laptop backpack

Does your college kid’s backpack looking a little worse for use?

A sturdy laptop bag can be an attractive sight for tired shoulders.

13. Minimalist Bedside Shelf

If you’re in the dorms, nightstands are an illusion, which is the reason why a practical bedside cabinet will get endless use from students in college.

They’ll finally have an area to store their belongings!

14. Essential Fix-it Kit

A basic kit of tools is a must have for college students. I think this review says it all .

“[Isearched for] the ideal graduation present – one that was not too big, but useful and made a point. It is true that college students are provided with lots of knowledge as well as tools for everyday life but one thing it (usually does not) is the daily tools like flashlights, a screwdriver and such and this gift fit the bill . I’m sure you’ll have seen their faces when they took it out… big smiles and understanding that they would be in need of them when their family will no longer available for them to install a picture or to assemble furniture. …”

15. Portable Blender for On-the-Go

Smoothie lovers will really like this next suggestion:

It’s a blender as well as a travel bottle all in one – Talk about practical! It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to operate and makes a great dorm space accessory for students.

16. The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook

College life and living on your own can be a big, transition-especially when you get sick for the first time!

A good book like The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook or The Greatest College Health Guide The One You Never Knew You Needed can guide them through everything from home-sickness to hangovers.

17. Reusable Water Bottle

A water bottle that is reusable and will last through all four of the years of college and beyond is among the most useful gifts you can present to a student.

Hydro Flask water bottles are fashionable due to their wide range of colors and outstanding quality. These bottles are powder-coated they come with a lifetime guarantee, and keep cold beverages chilled until 24 hours (plus hot drinks warm all day long for 12 hours).

It’s something they’ll be able to take along and will always cherish!

Final thoughts on practical gift ideas for college students

This is it. These are the top Christmas presents for college students. You can rest assured that these suggestions are ideal to give to the college girls in your.

What’s the most valuable gift you’ve received?