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Dear friend, I wish to talk with you why I am a daring photographer, and possibly give you some tips, insights, and suggestions about the best way to become more adventurous yourself. So to start with, here are a few suggestions: 1. Don’t hesitate The largest problem we’ve got in photos: we wait patiently before creating a photograph. We wait because we are scared, since we take an excessive amount of time composewe fear what others will think about us. My proposal: Shoot before thinking. The longer you believe before you take, the more you’ll fall victim to”paralysis by analysis”– believing too much before shooting. I’ll let you know what I do. I use a Ricoh GR II digital camera, set it in P (program) mode, auto high ISO, centre point autofocus. When I see something that interests mepersonally, I just”point and shoot”. To mepersonally, point and shoot cameras or iPhones or tablets with cameras generally would be the best cameras. What I believe prevents us from becoming better photographers: we get overly caught up with superfluous information, or technical settings that distract us. For me personally, I write a lot. I like using minimalist writing apps like IA Writer or Ulysses. Less distractions about formatting, greater concentrate on writing. Same is true for photography. Fewer alternatives, less concern with specialized settings means more shooting. And the only way how fearless photographers get the best wedding photos – to create better photos: take more. Assignment:”Set it and forget it!” I remember the great American rotisserie chicken manufacturer commercial. You simply took an entire grain, stuck it into the machine and pushed a single button. You just set it and… FORGET IT! Do the same with your own camera. Simply use the default camera app in your telephone, or place your own camera to P mode, car high ISO, center point autofocus, and only take. Shoot jpeg+ RAW, and concentrate more on capturing personally meaningful moments that are significant, as opposed to distracting yourself with exactly what aperture, or shutter speed to work with. Allow the camera think for your technical settings. You think about composition, framing, and shooting with your soul. 2. Smile I shoot street photography near, using a 28mm. I’ve no more worry. I don’t hesitate, I simply take. A thing that I like to to: when I take (without consent ), I grin, and make eye contact, and frequently laugh. In addition, I reveal my topics the photographs I took of them in my LCD screen. I do not shoot as a creep, with a long telephoto or zoom lens from behind a few bushes, like some DSLR users with long lenses. Bear in mind the expression: Creepiness is proportional to focal length. Meaning, the longer your lens, the more creepier you’re gonna appear