5 Top Student Travel Destinations for Travel

How to travel as a college student? The question students usually have to worry about every time their summer or winter holiday approaches. It is difficult for students in universities to decide on an optimal place to spend their time off. This is the reason we’ve put together a list of the best places that students can visit.

Opting Barcelona in Spain

If you’re looking for suggestions from your high school seniors regarding college students’ vacation spots You might find they’ve all suggested you visit Barcelona to Spain. It is possible to ask why this is this way. The reason that a lot of your fellow student travelers go to Spain is because Barcelona has many unique aspects which will make your stay memorable. For instance, the pros of selecting Barcelona as your place of vacation are:

  • Barcelona’s unique infrastructure – If you are a student and you love beautiful architecture, then should be aware of Gaudi, a famous and long-standing architect renowned for his work. Barcelona is among the most important cities where Gaudi was able to establish his name. Here are some incredible and beautiful work, which students love to see. In addition, Barcelona is full of remarkable facades with fantastic interior design, making this area one of top destinations for college students to travel. With its beautiful colorful boulevards and beautiful streets that have a some French influence everywhere, Barcelona is a must-visit.
  • The view of the sea It is impossible to have a vacation until and unless you’ve been to a beach in another country. Luckily, Barcelona isn’t an uninhabited country. The beaches are really fun with their smooth and clean beaches, and include bonfires in the evening, concerts, celebrations, and a myriad of other events.
  • The weather is what makes Barcelona as one of the top vacation spots is the weather. The temperature here is almost constant throughout the year which makes it an ideal tourist destination. Therefore, if you’re located in a tropical and rainy region, Barcelona would be the ideal place to go.

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It is a great idea to visit Venice in Italy

If you’re a student, you might have noticed many students are traveling to Europe on their winter holidays. Why is this? What is it that makes people so excited about going to Europe during winter vacations? This is due to the fact that the region of Southern Europe, Italy is located. So, the students are enthusiastic about the cities of Italy on their vacations. There is a lot to think about the things that make Italy so special to be a place to go. There are a variety of destinations in Italy that could transform your travel experience. There is one such place in Italy called Venice. Venice is one of the most desired places on earth that people wait and save all year for their getaways.

  • City of canals – One of the main motives for people to take their holidays within Venice includes the canals. Venice is a huge group consisting of one hundred and eighteen islands situated in close proximity. This is also referred as the Floating city because it has no roads and automobiles. For getting around the city, you have be able to ride on boats and ferryboats. This makes the area more intriguing as you get the best experience unlike what you get in the city.
  • Gondola boats The world is full of people looking for some time to relax when they are taking a vacation. Happily, Venice is a specialist in this type of thing. Gondola rides are among of the best things here. Gondoliers are specially trained to navigate the canals that run through Venice taking in historic buildings and sights. The rides in one of these boats are also more remembered if the gondolier sings an aria for the crowd.
  • Masks Masks Venice is also known for the range of masks available for sale. There are numerous kinds of masks on offer, with different prices, each fit for every visitor based on their culture and budget.

Crete in Greece

If you are looking for a good college Europe vacation and want to visit Europe, then Crete in Greece is one of your top choices. The students are absolutely enthralled by the place to visit during vacations. Crete might not look like anything in photos if you explore it on the internet, but once you get there, it is absolute paradise. Here are a few advantages of visiting Greece.

  • The tempting beaches – Cretan beaches are absolute heaven tourist, especially young people. The atmosphere here is so beautiful that one will never desire to leave the place once they arrive. With the clear, blue water and the enchanting marine life, beaches are the ideal destinations to visit in Crete.
  • Cheap prices – If you seek cheap vacations for college students in summer, then Crete is the best option. The prices for commodities here are quite low. This makes it one of the most ideal spots for students, as they can get around on a budget.
  • Hospitality. The inhabitants of Crete are charming. They’re so welcoming of visitors, particularly students, that it seems too fantastical to be true. They will shower your with their kindness, which will make your travels greater.
  • Food It is a Cretan food is renowned for its quality all over the world. The food is so appealing that you’ll want licks of your fingers. Apart from that they offer a range of food in their menu that you cannot have anywhere else.

A Trip to Lisbon in Portugal

Going in Lisbon within Portugal is one of top destinations to take college kids. Perhaps you’ve not heard of this place so often but Lisbon is among the most sought-after destinations for college students to visit. Here are some of the reasons why,

  • Views – The mesmerizing scenic beauty of Lisbon is truly breathtaking for visitors.
  • Weather – The weather in this area remains temperate throughout the time of the year. This is beneficial for both locals and tourists.
  • Architecture: The infrastructure of Lisbon is one of a kind that you cannot found anywhere other anywhere else in the world. It is one of top spots to visit.

It is a must to visit Lanzarote located in the Canary Islands

Lanzarote is one of the places where beauty can be seen abundant both in the people and places. Here are some of the reasons you should consider visiting to the Canary Islands.

  • Easy to find surfing locations
  • Divers’ activities
  • Great breakfast spots on the beach


Traveling is fun when know the perfect destination in mind. However, it is not so easy to select an area where you will relax and enjoy your holidays. Fortunately, we have listed five of the best destinations for student. You are able to pick one.