11 Great places to experience college nightlife

The college experience is definitely one to learn and discover -It’s just not always on campus. Activities off campus are a large part of when you go to college and college nightlife is significant roles in the experience. There are things to learn outside of school and away from the library, when the books are closed to go to bed, leave the confines of your dorm and look around to see what the real world can give you. As great as living at campus can be it’s not until you begin exploring the city surrounding you that the real fun begins.

The culture outside of college could draw students just as in some cases more so, than the campus does itself. Although campus life may provide an atmosphere of communality through the sport of athletics, wild traditions, as well as dorms, off-campus is when students truly let loose and enjoy themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s delicious late-night meals or a vibrant nightlife scene and venues that foster artistic or cultural expression, certain colleges are blessed with a fantastic off-campus time. From big cities to smaller towns in the college, these nightlife hotspots have lots of entertainment for everyone. Are you in need of a break from book? You should check out these eleven off-campus party scene.

1. M Street — Washington, D.C.

If it’s because they’re aspiring to become an incoming president for the United States or the next Olivia Pope, young political hopefuls flock towards D.C. to attend school, and for good reason. The college educational experience with a degree in D.C. open a plethora of possibilities for government jobs, it’s also a bustling city with rich culture and time that’s waiting to explored. M Street provides a great setting and a wonderful atmosphere Georgetown as well as George Washington students to enjoy both day and night.by link https://www.naludamagazine.com/5-best-places-to-experience-college-nightlife/ website The Georgetown Park Shops Georgetown Park are a great location to shop in an open-air setting, and just a short stroll down M Street brings with it numerous dining opportunities. If you’re interested in learning about some of our country’s history or simply want to get some extra credit in the history class you’re taking, take an excursion to The National Geographic Museum. The city is more lively in the evenings, with plenty of live shows and bars to keep you busy.

2. Marshall Street — Syracuse, N.Y.

Syracuse’s weather may not be the most inviting for students who want to get out of their dorms and check out the nearby area (at at least in wintertime) however, Marshall Street is just off-campus for the times when the weather is warming up and you’re eager to party with a drink. Marshall Street offers a variety of excellent restaurants as well as plenty of shops. For shopping, The Unique Tea House is a cool place for students who want to unwind studying, read, and sip an iced tea. bars like Chuck’s Café and DJ’s On the Hill are great to enjoy a night on the town or to grab a beer and play a game when Chuck is traveling.

3. Franklin Street — Chapel Hill, N.C.

The University of North Carolinia-Chapel Hill students are avid fans in the vibrant nightlife Franklin Street has to offer. There are many bars that offer a variety of different entertainment options and moods to pick from. “He’s Just Not Here” one of the top choices of UNC students. It’s famous for the Blue Cup specials that offer 33 ounces of beer for just $4 to $6the ultimate dream for students living on the tightest budget. Top of the Hill is widely regarded as one the top breweries in America, and even has its own distillery. If music, live entertainment and liquor sound more your style, head into The Library (no, not the library at school) for $1 well drinks as well as music that makes you dance the night away. Beware that if you’re headed toward Franklin Street after a big Tar Heel victory, you could be caught during one of their infamous street-storms, which are basically just thousands of rowdy supporters flooding through the streets celebrating.

4. MacDougal Street — New York City, N.Y.

In the middle within Greenwich Village, MacDougal Street is a popular hangout to New York University students and residents alike. Live entertainment and bars are an excellent representation of the trendy atmosphere of the Village. Enjoy a sweet treat from Creperie NYC or some to-die-for falafel at Mamoun’s Falafel. When you’re done, head into Blue Note for a live jazz concertor a good time in the Comedy Cellar. New York City is New York City therefore there’s activities to enjoy wherever you reside, but for authentic cultural experience within a trendy neighborhood, take some time on MacDougal Street.

5. Newbury Street — Boston

Although it isn’t a native of one university, Newbury Street in Boston is a popular hangout for all the city’s college students. The street is a long eight blocks , and it is lined by some of the best unique eating and shopping in Boston. During the day, visit the original Newbury Comics store, or look at the unique Johnny Cupcakes (note: they do not sell cupcakes). In the evening, explore the menu at Itadaki Japanese restaurant or get creative at the Paint Bar and Paint Bar, where you can show off the artistic talents of your artist while sipping on a few adult drinks.

6. Clayton Street — Athens, Georgia

Downtown Athens is loved by students of the University of Georgia, but Clayton Street seems to be where the action takes place. The area has a myriad of bars with live music as well as a range of dining options for either a Saturday or Friday night out. Students often make a weekly trip to downtown, which can be convenient since it’s within walking distance from the campus of UGA. Go to Last Resort Grill for a great meal and cocktail, or grab a slice of pizza and a drink on the Mellow Mushroom.

7. Church Street — Burlington, Vermont

It is located right on the waterfront of Burlington and just down the hill from the University of Vermont and Champlain College is Church Street, a quaint brick street that is home to the city’s best restaurants and nightlife. Boutiques and second-hand stores are dotted along the street, making it an affordable shopping destination for college students. Live music is popular on weekends, and can even be heard from the street so that you can place-shopping as you stroll. For a great people-watching experience with a delicious meal and drink, this is definitely the area to visit. Oh, and did I mention that Church Street is the home of the first Ben & Jerry’s? Also, yes, there’s that too.

8. Main Street — Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor’s Main Street is home to numerous bars with all-day happy hours. So it’s not surprising that the street is on our list. The bars in Ann Arbor are a slap on the wrist for the drinking of underage people, and it’s really the 21 and older crowd who have the knowledge to manage their alcohol and enjoy fun that get to experience the lively nightlife in Ann Arbor.

9. Ninth Street — Columbia, Missouri

In Ninth Street, students at the University of Missouri can find every essential: sandwich shops and Chipotle for an easy bite to eat, Starbucks for a caffeinated beverage to help you get through the night as well as a variety of pubs and bars to relax after having a long day (or hour) of studying, as well as late-night restaurants (like crowd-pleaser El Rancho). The strip is home to several small establishments, family-owned restaurants and Ice cream shops, which makes the city more charming.

10. 6th Street — Austin, Texas

Austin is the Live music capitol of Texas in the United States, and the students of the University of Texas get to be entertained live. From 6th Street, you’ll find the center for Austin’s music and live scene. Sixth Street has sections that are each home to the locals’ own unique offerings. The Drag, which is closest to the UT campus, has a wide selection of shops and quirky goodies; Red River is the live entertainment and music hub. SoCo is the city’s equivalent for New York’s SoHo; and the Warehouse District appeals to the more sophisticated types. With such a diverse range of options for music and food and entertainment options, everyone is bound to find a destination that suits their preferences.

11. Pearl Street — Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful college town in general. Students enjoy the scenery and weekends trips towards the hills. To make the experience even more pleasant for UCB students they can take advantage of the Pearl Street Mall, a 4 block long outdoor food and shopping plaza that’s full of innovative food trendy boutiques, as well as live entertainment, is few steps away. There are plenty of exciting events to enjoy all year long but as Boulder can get extremely cold in winter months the best ones generally take place during the summertime. With events such as Bands on the Bricks and the Open Arts Fest, students will always find something to keep themselves entertained. Plus, many of the restaurant options at the mall offer lunch for less than five dollars, which is crucial for living when on a student’s budget.