10 of the most tech-savvy films everyone who is a programmer should see

Every programmer would love to view their work from the perspective of a film. We’re all aware that Hollywood is well known in showing Programming and Artificial Intelligence in the right ways. Therefore, without further delay, here’s the 10 best movies that all programmers must see.

1. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

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The Pirates of Silicon Valley was released in 1999. This film tells about how Apple and Microsoft became so successful. It recounts how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came up with the idea of creating a personal computer that could be used by anyone. The film reveals the philosophy as well as the process both employed in creating their top computers. The movie is highly recommended to techies.

2. The Imitation Game

The movie was released in 2014 , and it demonstrates the development of the very first computer on earth developed by Alan Turing and his team. The film demonstrates how at the close of the movie Alan along with his colleagues successful in figuring out a method to decode German Enigma Code. This movie is invigorating for developers.

3. The Internship

This is a film about two adults Billy and Nick who lose their jobs and then apply to Google’s prestigious internship program. Both are selected to participate in the internship program at the Google corporate headquarters situated in Mountain View California. They will have to take on a young group of fellow techno-savants. This would be a great film for those who feel they’re too young to get into tech.

4. The Social Network

The movie is based upon a true story about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. The movie is all about the growth of Facebook and the difficulties Zuckerberg was faced with.read about it runpee.com from Our Articles Programmers will surely appreciate this film as it showcases the achievements of a committed programmer.

5. Tron

Tron was made in 1982. The movie portrays how a computer programmer is entangled in the world of computers. It also illustrates how the main character finds his way back into normality using his programming skills.

6. Hackers

This movie got released back in 1995 when the internet wasn’t very well-known. It shows a couple of high schoolers who made use of their skills in programming to aid corporate extortion. The movie was way ahead of its time and is an amazing piece of work for both programmers and security fans.

7. Antitrust

If you’re keen to know more about the dark aspects of the software industry, this might be the perfect read. A young programmer takes an opportunity to work for a major Software company, but later discovers that something isn’t quite right in there. He then applies his programming skills to find out the reasons. The film premiered in 2001 and is one of the top programming movies of all time.

8. Jobs

“This is the film about the legend in the world of computers Steve Jobs. A truly inspirational film. The film not only showcases the technical capabilities employed by Jobs however also the vision for revolutionizing the world.

9. Ex Machina

The movie was released in the year 2015. It provides a wealth of information about artificial intelligence and the impact it has on the humankind to help individuals live a healthier life. It describes the struggles of programmer in the process of developing software. It is also an illustration of the negative impacts that can be triggered if the program is not implemented in the appropriate manner.

10. Her

This is a movie about a man dubbed “Theodore” that is going to get separated from his wife and feels lonely. Theodore buys an operating platform equipped with AI. It is designed to grow and change like a human being. This would be an amazing film for those who are programming and have an passion for Artificial Intelligence and its future.